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Tick tack

21. května 2007 v 12:32 | Gwen Stefani |  Písničky
What amazing time. What a family. How did
years go by? Now it´s only me.
(tick tack)
Like a cat heat stuck in a car. A scary
conversation shut eyes cvan´t fild the brake.
What if they say that you´re a climber?
Naturally, I´m worried if l do it alome. Who really
cares cause it´s your life you never know it could
be great. Take a chance ´cause you might grow.
What you waiting for? (tick tack)
(Take a chance you stupid ho)
Like an pedal you´re repeating yourself. You
know it all by heart, why are you standing in one
place, Born to blosson, bloom to perish. Your
moment will run out ´cause of your sex
chromosome. O know it´s so messed up how our societyy all thinks. Life is short, you´re capable.
Look at your watch now. You´re still super hot
female. You got your million - dollar contact. And
they´re waiting for your hot fans. Osaka,
Tokyo. You Harajuku gorls, damn you´re got some
wicken style. Look at your watch now. You´re
still a super hot female. You got your million-
dollar contact. andf they´re all waiting for your
hot track. What you waiting for? (Take a chance
you stupid ho)

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